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Monday, May 25, 2009

Are you a good friend? [Apakah Anda sahabat yang baik?]

Friendship is a relationship of depth, can communicate with each other, mutually supportive, loyal, understanding, intimate and full of empathy. If you have friends who can you trust, and you can relax with them, easy to open about what your experienced, then you are very lucky as a person.

Friends of is like an oases in which when the world around you is very disorganized in the day, and everything is not in accordance with the plan, and you feel very tired. When you meet with your friends, you will feel very comfortable & relax, that is the meaning of the truth.

Provide a sense of friendship, comfort and fun in your heart, especially when the middle with you or talk to them. But one thing you must remember, you may not have friends like that, if you can not become a person like that to others.

Friends have the same features as an investment. If you appreciate your investment and strive to be the investment grow, then so too is the case that you need to do to your friends.

Below are some tips that may give an idea how to be your investment in your friendships grow and profitable:

1. Send email regularly, because this way you can keep in touch with the fast & cheap.
2. Phone at least once a week, does not need a long time are often more important.
3. Leave a message box on the mail / sms. Ask about their condition.
4. Send greeting cards, either by post or e-card.
5. Exercise together. We are highly recommended for sports, then why not do it with friends? more very fun and build relationships.
6. Lunch together at least once a month, the more often the better.
7. Learning to listen with good friends, do not be too quick to give advice.
8. Perspective of how to respect you. Different personality affects how you view.
9. Do not damaged faith! Because the trust will be destroyed when the damage is forever friendship.
10. Support & say about good things about your friends, and not too bothered about their weakness.
11. Do not be jealous of your success with, but give praise for a very reasonable.

Flexibility is also very necessary in friendship. Do not quick-tempered if you are friends with the plan. Learn to accept the changes.

If in the end there is quarreling or conflict, and usually will happen, so make sure you discuss with the head cold / calm down. And make sure you do not leave your friends with a problem that has not been completed.

Dedicated to all of my best friends:
Hindun, Intan, BS Gank SMP 42,
Ella, Laily, Davi Aceh, Huzairy, Al-Fikr family Yogya, Serina, ect I love you all

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Acne lost with garlic [Jerawat hilang dg bawang putih]

Even small, the acne often make uncomfortable, especially if up to appear at the wrong time, will not make you comfortable. Try to use onion (garlic) to solve them. How? grind 2 pcs garlic until smooth and put it in to the pimply / acne. Keep it during (about) 10 minutes then rinse / clean it. Or if you feel comfort with the smell of garlic, eat 1 clove / pcs of garlic every day for the treatment of the body.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Aroma roses lose bone pain [Aroma mawar hilangkan nyeri tulang]

Believe it or not, but a study in Denmark that provides 5 g powder rose for 94 osteoarthritis patients for 3 months, the report is make lost pain day by day, can’t move and feeling stiff in the joints.

Powder made from fruit sub species rose (rosa canina) seems to reduce pain & stiff on the knee, thigh & other joint. Also reported a decrease in the use of drugs medical A (analgesic) by patients.

This experiment strengthens the results of research conducted in 2004 when some people use Litozin (rose powder that can be purchased at pharmacies without a prescription) because of the users also see improvements in their condition.

Dare to try? Why not?!

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Monday, March 9, 2009

When your man "disappeared" [Ketika si dia “menghilang”]

If the pair suddenly difficult to be contacted, such as the earth swallowed, it will make you confused and annoyed. For men, the ability to excel and achieve immediate success, related to their ability to block all distractions. That way, they can focus on one task.

According to John Gray, Ph.D. book author Mars & Venus, in the workplace, in a situation like that, men will override his socializations, and keep quite in his "cave". He will decide all interactions, so it can focus to find solutions. So, do not wonder if the sudden like he disappeared. Like never replied any your SMS, HP is not active, and not have at home. He may currently have problems.

(from Femina-38-2006_181008)

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The big “Fear” of Mars-Venus [Ketakutan terbesar si dia]

List of women's fear are when somebody hurt her physically (beaten or raped), isolated as it lost the people who her really love (him) and loss of primary needs (hunger or be homeless). For women, living without three of these, seems like her life is empty.

Meanwhile, according to Paticia Love and Steven Stosny, author book Why Women Talk and Men Walk, the things that make the man can not sleep is when you fail and lose his social status. As in jobless, do not get a promotion, or not able to protect people who really his care about them (like family). If it is to lose the things above then it will be low and not able to self-regard of the people in the neighborhood.

(from Femina-31-2007_181008)

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